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Industrial Titan UTC Buys Into Eclipse, Resumed Production Likely!

"All cars run on used parts" was a favorite advertising slogan for many late-20th Century junkyard operators. But the sentiment could just as easily have been applied to airplanes; they all do fly on used wings.

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From Flying Drunk To Locked Down & Out To The Left-Hand Seat

From Flying Drunk To Locked Down & Out To The Left-Hand SeatATF Interview: Pilot/Author Joe Balzer From Flying Drunk To Locked Down & Out To The Left-Hand Seat The lead paragraph in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune's March 12, 1990 story seemed to say it all:

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said Sunday that it received a tip at least three hours before a Northwest Airlines plane left Fargo, N.D., that the cockpit crew had been drinking, but allowed the flight to the Twin Cities because it had no authority to stop the crew.

As often happens, however, only the facts were covered in the media coverage. The real story, the human story, remained untold until the recent publication of Flying Drunk, Flight Engineer Joe Balzer's emotionally charged story of hellfire and redemption.


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