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Many air-taxi carriers offer incredible "fly today" bargains on empty seats. Others have special rates on highly traveled corridors or aircraft deadheading back to base after their last scheduled flight segments.

Imagine Air: Below-cost daily "Empty-Leg Specials" give customers the use of the entire aircraft for $199 between specific city pairs within a designated time window. To see what's on tap for today, click here.

OpenAir: OpenAir offers a series of special air/ground/entertainment packages from its Washington, D.C.-area base at Montgomery County Airport in Gaithersburg, MD to New York City, Atlantic City, the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and other world-class spas. OpenAir also offers daily "empty leg" discounts on selected flights. For info, call 800-940-2359.

ATXA: Not an air taxi carrier itself, the Air Taxi Association, a trade organization dedicated to the growth and development of next-generation air taxi service, is offering a $99 "First Flight" program consisting of up to $3000 in cash-value discounts on selected carriers. Click here for details. Block Discounts: Most air taxi operators operating on a price-per-plane model offer substantial discounts to companies and individuals which buy a specified number of hours of future travel in advance. If you plan to become a frequent "taxi rider," ask your local air taxi operator about block booking discounts.